Waiting For Clearance

Adler and Floyd Gallery, December 2018

This exhibition served as a prelude to Clearance, at the Chicago Art Department in 2019.

Through my perspective of being a recipient of the Deferred Action of Childhood Arrival program (DACA), immigrant and artist based in Chicago, I have noticed similarities in both the political world and art world: preference of higher class, marginalization of people of color, and the lack of accessibility of resources. In this show, I share the work that first started these concepts since 2016. Through drawings and performative sculptures, I seek to depict an underlying double meaning of the United States bureaucracy in museum tools and infrastructures he abstracts in his work, by subtly asking what are their agendas and who do they represent and serve. The performative sculptures were to be interacted by the audience, as the performers, to create feelings of being unwelcome, confusion, and surveillance.

Waiting for Clearance 01.1.jpg
Waiting for Clearance 02.JPG
Waiting for Clearance 03.1.jpg
Waiting for Clearance 08.8.jpg
Waiting for Clearance 18.1.jpg
Waiting for Clearance 17.1.jpg
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